Toa Gavla

Toa Gavla - Coastal Guardian

Toa Gavla braves the weather! She surfs up and down the many coasts of the Ashe Isles, patrolling for Matoran and other travellers in need across some of the choppier waters.

Toa Gavla is an avid surfer and uses her board and Aquapack to quickly traverse the waves. Her jacket has a ripcord she can use to inflate it and assist in ascent when diving down to the sea floor.

Although he spends most of hertime away from The Forge, she will always come when duty calls or when the waves are good!

Gavla is part of a Toa Team lead by Solek based from The Forge under guidance of Toa Lord Kardax.


If that is a life jacket? that is really cool.


Isn’t Gavla an Av-Matoran?

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