Toa Gilahu (my old Self-MOC, I guess)

You know, seeing all of these Self-MOCs here, I finally decided that it was time to revive my own one.

Old one.

Very old one.

Heck, this guy hasn’t been my Self-MOC since more than a decade! Nevertheless it’s the closest I ever came to making a Self-MOC.

So, where do I begin? Well, it was back in 2001, I was five years old and got Tahu and Pohatu Mata. So I did (about) this (and took it apart a day later to build Tahu and Pohatu again):

Everybody: Meet Toa Gilahu.

(This obviously is a recreation of him, but I remember, that he wore the Kakama, that his torso was built like that and that he wielded Tahu’s sword)

And no, my name here doesn’t origin from him, but rather my dad named me “Gilahu” on even earlier (so he could play MNOG with “my” account :wink: But I used that name ever since everywhere.)

This build however isn’t very impressive (although I feel the overall look has something to it …), so I did a few “variations” of him as combiners from the later released Tahu’s and Pohatu’s (except 2016, as I can’t buy them in my country yet)

Here’s … Gilahu Nuva … I guess. I think the original looks better.

And this probably is Gilahu Phantoka/Mistika. Definately the best looking/most complex looking one here. Inika build wins

Gilahu 2015, I guess? Yay, my first CCBS MOC posted here … It’s probably evident that I don’t really know what to do with this system … But then the parts available from those two sets were somewhat limited.

And now noone can ever say again, that I never did a Self-MOC :grin:


Not Toa Pohatahu?

I agree with you on your Mistika/Phantoka version looking the best here.


Nuva looks goofy and Ka has 'rilla arms.

nice work keeping the build consistently made from tahu/pohatu :smiley:

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Pohahu: The ultimate ship.

they look really good.

Thanks guys!

@TheRed1s Well, that was the plan :wink:

Seriously, doing this ocurred to me at some time late in the evening and I was done with all of this in under 2 hours. It’s actually surprising that anything besides the “original” turned out looking somewhat good :laughing:

Well, hopefully I can again present one of my more ambitious MOCs soon …

why no color scheme for v1