Toa Hadryr, V2.0

“They made many mistakes. One was to raid my homeland, the other was letting me witness the death of my family… but the greatest Mistake the Makuta made…
Was letting me live.”
Derpraved from his homeland, Toa Hadryr now Dwells around the Worlds… by all means, he is no peacekeeper, but he is no troublemaker as well… his only desire is to kill every Makuta there is, driven by revenge

“It is not the Weapon that makes one deadly… it is the mentality and the will to kill.”

Talk to you later!

P.S.: This Fella uses the custom Built torso I recently uploaded!

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Decent build, but it reminds me too much of Tahu for me to like it.

Bionicles. NEAT!

Pretty nice, but it’s a bit too Tahu-esque

And @Hawkflight

Well. I love this colorscheme. Not really planning on changing it :confused:

It looks like you build a custom torso. I’d like to see more of it.

The colourscheme is nice, but as mentioned before, it looks too much like Tahu. Still cool though :slight_smile:

Here is the post to the custom Torso!

The custom torso is a bunch of the Phantoka sets?

If you like the color scheme, there’s nothing wrong with that. Just use a different collection of parts, maybe an improved aesthetic, that looks less like Tahu and Stronius being thrown together.

@ToaSonus What do you mean by that?

@Hawkflight Well, i really like the Bulky design tho… Gosh it is really hard to have something bulky and red’n’gold that doesn’t look like tahu, any advice for the Piece choices?

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I mean that link sends you to eBay.

Lol whoops. Gonna edit that one real quick

He comes across as a record Tahu. I think that because of that, you should work on the colors and which parts you use. However, it’s a solid, good build. I would distribute the colors better. Keep at it!

Well, probably one of most straightforward things you could do is just buy another set with gold armor, such as this year’s Onua or Kopaka, and apply some of those pieces to the build.

Also, you can keep the red and gold but take out the other color pieces that come from Tahu - namely the azure and especially the trans-orange - and add in some more black or a new accent color.

It looks interesting. I like it

Here he is, V2.1

It seems rather simple on the outside, but after looking at the custom torso you posted, I like it much more. Version two doesn’t work, though, simply because of the Onua chest-plate.

Yeah, that’s the main Problem here :confused: Maybe i should keep the Tahu Chestplate? Or try something else as chest?

Try something else for now and go back to the Tahu chest plate if it doesn’t work.