Toa Hafu

I had some leftover inika pieces, so I thought I’d make this.

Size comparisons:


Well, it’s just a simpke Inika build, so you can’t expect much…

I think those Thornaxx launcher pieces don’t fit at the shoulders., and that the Nuhvok armor sticks out a little bit.


thanks for the critique.

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Very solid. Could use another armor piece on the back of the thighs. But otherwise you’ve got a fine MOC right here.


Thank you

A simple Inika build but I like it, very good use of colours and the nuva armour piece.

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Why thank you. Yeah, anything is better that that giant Zamoraphere holder. It’s too big and clunky for, especially for smaller builds

A solid looking toa. He looks like he would have made a pretty decent set back in the day.

A couple things though; since Hafu was a stone carver in the games, it might make more sense for him to have some kind of hammer and chisel as his toa tool(s). The sets didn’t really highlight that very well since canonically most of the toa got their weapons from other sources but when a matoran becomes a toa, their most used tool transforms along with them.
The mask also would probably have changed into a Great form (like Whenua Metru’s), unless again he got a mask from elsewhere. It seems pretty unusual for a toa to wear the same mask they had as a matoran.

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I chose the mask I did because I thought it looked better

His ego is already overly inflated as it is. Why make him a toa?

This looks good! Simple, but effective.

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