Toa Hagah (Canon Contest #3: Honor Guard)

My entries for the Toa Hagah:





Height comparisons

Link to Models:

Link to Breakdowns:

Credits to MecraMakuta for modeling the Knight’s Kingdom swords.
I modeled the Knight’s Kingdom armor. It’s not good, but serviceable for now.

All parts are non-painted and lego-canon except for the Masks.
Mask of Psychometry was used as a canon workaround for needing a metallic silver shoulder guard (since it needs to be painted anyway).

I agree to:
Modded Masks

I do not agree to:
Modded Spears
Modded Armor Colors

Not sure if there’s a grace period for these entries, but I wanted to throw my hat in the ring just in case it could still be accepted. Fingers crossed.


Where did you get the models for bomonga/pouks’ spear tip and Pouks’ shoulders? I tried to find models of those for my own Hagah but couldn’t find any.

I downloaded the file MecraMakuta had for his own Hagah and borrowed his Bomonga and Kualus spears by copy-pasting. You could do the same for the files I have. Full disclosure, I had to rush modeling the pauldrons myself so they’re pretty bad. They’re also the reasons I was late to submit, because I didn’t have a full set of those parts in either RL or in