Toa Hagah Canon Contest Format Feedback

Pretty much this. I imagine someone could “get away with it” by just not saying that the colours were edited via photoshoot. Only if it was obvious or they said that they did that would they be executed.


For me, when it comes to set design, the ends do not justify the means.

You’re not going to convince me that the building process isn’t important to the moc, I am extremely pedantic about how exactly a set gets built.

It is another question if the rest of the community agrees with me on this or not, and I am fully content in being the weird, odd one out on this stance if that is the case.

If you have to paint it to replicate it that’s very much against the rules let alone it being a painted part in the first place

Painted parts are allowed, though. One of the Artakha mocs was almost entirely painted.

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Uhh I’m pretty sure the rule is no painted, cut, glued, modified parts and no removing stickers although there might have been a concession for Artahka that you could paint parts so long as it was changed in the art but I don’t think that was a thing.

Edit: 8e. Painted and dyed pieces are allowed, however only monotone paint jobs are allowed. (I.e: A mask can not be painted/dyed with two colors) I guess it is a thing…kinda

There is a place where one may seek clarity on the rules.


I am surprised that dying parts is allowed, since that permanently changes the piece. To me, it’s almost as sinful as intentionally breaking a piece.

We’re open to modifying it to remove that. These are open to change.


I read over it, and did not see anything about photoshop. The color and dying being permitted leads me to believe this is okay? Unless I just somehow looked right over any photoshop rule. The use of Stud.Io being permitted makes me further believe it is alright, as it is essentially a photoshop of any part you desire, changing it to that color you choose.

Rules have been modified.


For all you detractors out there, here is working proof that TTV hears and listens.

Edit: Gott im Himmel this past year has made me toothless


Seems extremely pointless in the sense that painting the part or using a Stud.Io model of a different color accomplishes the exact same thing through different means, but eh whatever.

fair point, perhaps not the best way to illustrate my argument. I agree with you there and retract that point.

You heard it here first, folks: if your moc breaks the rules, you don’t get DQ’d. You get executed.


Finally made it to the bottom of this Mata Nui forsaken thread…
*phew need to catch my breath

that’s a lot of opinions, essays and arguments to take in.

I think looking back at the previous two contests the Moc then art thing worked for me personally and even in the Artahka contest things were ironed out more and I think will get better with more use and refining.

I think Mesos analysis and restatement sold me on staying with Moc then art-or at least keeping the Moc aspect.

The measurement guideline and perhaps metru torso would surely keep Mocs somewhat matching to the Hagah and although someone could make a greebley thing in those dimensions perhaps some other rules would prevent that.

Personally I want to see a diverse team, a team that looks like they could have come from all over the universe-and I’m confident that can be done while still having metru based builds.

Idk just my two cents
I’m not that good at persuasive writing


This is especially worth considering: we had a system that was working and getting better with use. There’s an adage about not fixing what isn’t broken.

That’s a good sentiment to hear repeated: it is possible to have a Metru build and still look diverse.

lol you’ve beaten out most of your competition thus far and we’re almost 900 messages in


This is not primarily a Moccing contest its a canon contest restrictions are going to be made when neccesary to avoid unneccesary canon bending entries. If you want to do a moccontest might I suggest any other currently up and running moccontest, hey enter into Biocup if you’d like there the whole goal is to go nuts

I wouldn’t argue LEGOs Metallic colors should be mandated for all we know their armor is made of precious metals exactly what those metals are or what color they have we don’t know but for sake of argument not all metals need to be shiny take for example Sokkas sword from Avatar which is a ficticious metal and its completely black so my point is that because of this why limit the options for color. People could always give the non metallic colors metallic shades for the art portion. I’m not saying that precious metals isn’t part of the Hagahs looks or it isn’t importat to their characters but rather that Precious metal doesn’t need to be LEGO Metallic colors as is further enhanced by my example with Sokkas sword. Precious metals could be any color as a we have no real idea if there exist more ficticious metals than protodermis or protosteal in th Matoran Universe or that the Matoran universe lacks ficticious metals.

However mantating a similar color distribution to the ones found on the set form Hagah is to me a more agreeable rule.

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You are right about the Visorak limbs. However, even the Visorak do use the metru thigh armor piece. Literally every canister set of 2004 and 2005 that has thigh armor use the metru thigh armor piece. It is ubiquitous and a staple of that era. Any Toa Hagah moc without those would not fit into the aesthetic of the era IMO.


I agree 100%. The word in caps in the title should be ‘canon’.
This time it will be an art only contest, next - MOC only.

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I still think we should have a moc portion for this contest to keep the art in check. However it should alway be empahised that this is a CANON contest as such both art and mocs should avoid canon bending as much as humanly possible

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I believe Norik and Iruini are enough as ‘an inspiration’.

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