Toa Hagah Entry unfinished :[

I ran out of time and can only blame my self.
Anyways here’s what I had to prove I did have something fairly close to entering.
Just didn’t have Norik and Irnuii done. And the background was deleted btw that is why it is plain :frowning:

So uh yeah, no excuse seeing as we got a massive extension. I had some assignments due but still…could have made room. Most of this one done this afternoon which was record drawing time for me, inspiration is such a fickle thing.

Plenty of good stuff out there though, maybe I’ll finish this as a simple fan art of the characters.

Thunder thigh Pouks

C and C welcome


Aw, that’s a shame, I hope you can finish it sometime. What you’ve got looks great, it’s got a very cute art style going on.


Thank you very much. Entries like yours are guaranteed top 5, I’ll be backing you all the way!


Too bad that you couldn’t finish in time, it would be interesting to see it finished.

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To be honest these are really cute. I love this style. I hope you’re going to use this style in future contest.


This is really cute, it’s definitely a shame you didn’t finish in time. Your style is really lovely.


this looks like something from a top-down rpg!


These are some of the most adorable-looking toa I’ve ever seen.

I must now request you draw more Bionicle characters in this chibi-fied sticker style; heroes, villains and rahi alike.

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I’m sorry you couldn’t finish this, it’s got a nice aesthetic. Hopefully in future contests you’ll be able to get stuff in, especially since it’ll only be one character and not six.

Ain’t that the fricking truth.