Toa Hagah Gaaki

Hero of Legend, Toa Hagah Gaaki, standing alone in the rain. Finally got around to making some Toa Hagah so I figured that it would be good to post them here. Enjoy!

Spear tip was made by vahki6 while the kanohi mask was made by 00Dude00.

Spear tip:

Kanohi mask:

Link to Flickr (4K):


very good gaaki, gamer


Rise up against the Chad Brotherhood.


Very nice! I’m glad to finally see some good pictures of the Shapeways mask, as I’ve really considered getting 00Dude00’s Hagah Masks. Glad to see it looks that good in person! I also really like the use of the Tahnok-Kal chestpiece, as it fits with the spearhead quite well.

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Here are some pictures I took of the mask a while back in case you’re interested. The mask is quite nice, and thank you!


The shots you took are excellent; did you take them in your backyard, or more like a local park/hiking spot?

Also, if I may ask, what paint/process did you use for the mask, spear, and shield? A project I am working on will require the painting of some 3D parts and I’m curious to know how you did yours.


The use of that custom mask is great

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Thank you very much! I took these in my backyard. I painted the mask and spear with runefang steel paint, found at . The shield is the same one from the Toa Norik set; the pictures with the gold shield only had that shield because I didn’t have enough silver Toa Hagah shields at the time. I hope this help you with your project.

Thank you! 00Dude00 did a most excellent job with the mask.

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Good job on the paint with that mask.


Thank you! I’m glad that it turned out alright.

Wow! This really looks like a Toa hagah! Great work!

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This would bee a project you could submit to LEGO Ideas… If LEGO was interested in their Original Themes anymore rather then licenced themes… But if you would submit it to LEGO Ideas, I would highly support it! That custom mask is fenomenal! Great Job. This could have been a set if it was relised back in 2005! Could you make the other Toa Hagah in the same way you did this one?

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That mask and spear look great!

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@Antroz2007 Thank you! That was my goal and it makes me happy that has been accomplished.

@LegoDavid Submitting the To a Hagah to LEGO Ideas sounds like a great idea! I’ll be sure to keep that mind. My goal was to make the Toa Hagah appear as if they were official sets made in 2005, and it seems that I did an okay job at reaching that goal. Stay tuned for the other Toa Hagah, they’ll be coming to this forum much sooner than you might think.

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Well done.

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I don’t believe custom pieces are allowed, but that’d be quite interesting a concept, as they never truly were represented besides Rahaga form.

Really love the photography here, adds a lot to it and makes it stand out amongst a lot of other similar stuff.

Not to say the thing itself is bad, all 3 of you did great jobs respectively.

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Wow, that’s a supergood work.

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@TheSecretWalrus Thank you! I don’t consider myself to be that good at making MOCs. Photography is a hobby of mine but I hope to continue expanding upon that hobby as well as others.
@ToaBion Thank you!

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