Toa Hagah Kualus

Originally meant for the art portion of the Hagah canon contest, but never ended up finishing. Was originally gonna do four individual artworks for each Hagah (which I honestly might end up doing). But for now, this is all I ended up doing.

Maybe one day I’ll make a background and properly finish this one and the others for funzies.


I don’t have much to say— it’s really well done!

Where is the scarf though?

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Neat, this looks pretty cool.

bird ate it

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He really should get those rahi under control, if only he had a mask power that could do that…


Frrom the line to the form and color, this is a great piece that depicts Kualus excellently. My pet peeve here is that the mask is based on Galva’s MoSA which I’m not a fan of. It reminds me of a Wallace and Gromit character if there was space between their eyes.

I personally like it. I know the canon mask is more accurate to the comic it first appeared in, but in my mind I see the KingK version of the mask as a ‘matoran’ version and the Galva’s as a great ‘toa’ version, but that’s just me.

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I guess but this is how I see the masks.


The second face has extreme meme potential

It’s literally the mr incredible becomes uncanny meme so I can see why.


Yes we need this for memes
EDIT: you can thank me later


I’ll do you one better
"POV: You’re listening to Hey Ya by Outkast":blush:
"POV: You’re listening to Hey Ya by Outkast":new_moon_with_face:


Added scarf. What’s it made of btw? Protodermis?


Kualus and his scarf are now u n i t e d

Now this is “my excuse for a $30 price tag” worthy!

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looks great!