Toa Hagah Revamps

Toa Iruini

Toa Norik

Toa Kualus

Toa Bomonga

Toa Gaaki

Toa Pouks

Here are my revamps of the Toa Hagah in a similar style to my Iruini revamp from a couple of days ago. For the Hagah that were recently canonized I wanted to combine elements of the all the finalists into one but this mainly was the canon model combined with Perp3tural’s Hagah.

Credit to the masks except for Iruini and Norik’s to @Rothanak , Norik’s Pehkui to Turret 3471, the scarf for Kaulus to @TLROsborne171, Kualus’s shoulder armor to @Huemus, Pouks’s shoulder armor to Zhokker, the spear tips used on Kualus and Gaaki to Vahki6, Bomonga’s spear tip to @MecraMakuta and the upper arm piece to KingSidorak


Really nice, I like that they all look similar in style to the Iruini you posted.

I really like these. Iruni, Bomonga, and Pouks are my favorites in that order. Bomonga’s helmet is a great pick.

that bomonga mask should have won IMO sadly I missed the finalist polls.

these look amazing but I am a bit bothered by all the clipping of parts.
despite that these look great especially as a group.

I’m also a little bothered by the clipping parts, but aside from that the redesigns look great!

I particularly love Bomonga (BTW: where did you find the version of that mask?? I’d love to use it for a MOC - it was also my favourite out of the contest masks)

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