Toa Hagah's Previous Teams

We know Norik was in the same team as Varian, before joining Teri’s Toa Hagah.
What about the other 5? Were they members of any other known Toa team? Or would it be possible to assign any of them to any team?
BS01 lists the following:

  • Toa Cordak
  • Jovan’s Team
  • Dume’s Team
  • Orde’s Team
  • Savage’s Team
  • Spinner’s Team
  • Zaria’s Team
  • A team of Toa that fought and imprisoned the Kanohi Dragon the first time it appeared in Metru Nui.

Dume’s team probably shouldn’t be considered, because he would recognize his ex-teammate when Toa Hagah arrived at Metru Nui, but the rest, why not, member of TH could have left Toa Cordak before their encounter with Zyglak. One of Jovan’s team could have been selected after they saved Mata Nui, etc.


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Their old teams may or may not have appeared in the story. We don’t know.

But feel free to head-canonize whatever you want


In the Rahi book, Pouks had something interesting to say about this:

"I asked Vakama about this beast. The Kanohi Dragon had evidently not been seen for generations. According to Vakama, Toa Lhikan and ten of his comrades fought a great battle against the creature and drove it away long, long ago. More than that, he did not know, and Lhikan never cared to share more of the tale. Such silence says a lot about what an awful battle it must have been.”

Now, of course, this is in reference to the second battle with the Kanohi Dragon fought by the Toa Mangai, but the phrasing of the first sentence could be taken as if Pouks is checking in on the dragon, as if he or another of the Hagah had been involved in the first battle.

Of course, like @Atobe_Brick said, there isn’t really evidence to show who any of the Hagah’s previous teams were aside from Norik, and this one quote from Pouks isn’t real evidence that he or any of the other Hagah were in that first battle.

But it is fun to speculate.


It’s nothing more than a longshot and wishful thinking that G may confirm, or deny any connection between TH and any known teams.

It’s physically impossible that any of the Toa Hagah were a Toa Cordak. All of the Toa Cordak, except Lesovikk, were desintegrated by the Zyglak.


The team existed for some time, it could be possible that smoeone left to join the TH.

According to BS01, the Toa Cordak were killed more than 20,000 years before Miserix was overthrown and the Toa Hagah were formed.


No. Both Lesovikk’s original bios, Greg himself, and Dreams of Destruction confirmed that from the original 8 members, only Lesovikk survived. No one else has, that’s a fact. And as MMF29 said, the Toa Cordak were killed off long before the Toa Hagah were seleceted from existing teams.


It may also be worth noting that that is only the date for the earliest Hagah teams, such as Spiriah. There’s no reason to assume these Toa Hagah are that old.

Both Dume’s and Jovan’s surviving team members were confirmed to all have become Turaga, iirc.

Additionally, we know the following:

Jovan became a Toa before Lesovikk.
Dume became a Toa before Norik.
Iruini became a Toa before Nidhiki.

In fact, I just came across this one, in order they were formed, the teams are as follows:
Jovan’s, Dume’s, Toa Mangai, Teridax’s Toa Hagah.


With Jovan’s team, yes. Dume’s team hasn’t been stated to be Turaga-fied (except for Dune himself)

Teridax being the leader of the Brotherhood, it would make sense for him to have one of, if not the first Toa Hagah team.

Personally, the teams I’ve used in my stories are

Kualus: Orde’s team
Pouks: the Toa Xia
Bomonga: Dume’s team
Iruini: a totally new team I’ve made.
Gaaki: Savage’s team
Norik: Trogglemorph’s team, of course.

worth noting, this may just be Jovan’s team or Dume’s team.


Except that Norik’s team was confirmed to be formed after Lhikan’s team. In the question it is probably the Mangai, but it could be the Makoki Guard, or the second team which eventually became the Toa Mangai, after Dume called them to Metru Nui with other Toa.
Either ways, Norik’s Toa Hagah team at most 7,000 years old or 4,000 years old.


Seems it’s not as definite, no:

However, we know the Hagah had not achieved their destiny as theirs was to steal the mask of light and aid the Hordika, so if Dume’s team as a whole had, then the Hagah can’t have been part of it.

And again, there’s a giant time gap between Dume becoming Turaga, and Teridax’s Hagah team being formed. Even if they were from Dume’s team, they’d not been picked from it, they’d have to have been picked from a later team.

Makoki :stuck_out_tongue:

Over all, assigning them to pre-existing teams becomes a matter of “Huh, small world…” At their height, there were 3 000 Toa active at once. During the Toa-DH war, 400+ Toa participated in Metru Nui. It’d be rather convinient that every character we know comes from the same six or seven teams…

In regards to Spinner, I’d argue it makes more sense for him to be on Dume’s team than Jovan’s–Why would Jovan’s be travelling and fighting mutated Rahkshi? They were formed not long before the MCW, and protected a region (meaning, they weren’t travelling), before they went to the Green Belt to get the MoL (why would they run into mutated Rahkshi during that?). This would also have been when the DH organization was still young.

On the other hand, Dume clearly has a history with the DHs, and we know he travelled, as he visited Lhikan’s village once (seems to be implied he wasn’t a protector of that region, per say). But for both Jovan and Dume, it also raises the question - would they leave a teammate behind?

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Well, this kind of implies that Dume’s team was also stationary.

And Greg only said that they were on Lhikan’s island, because Night Terror wanted the stasis Toa to be on Dume’s Team, and he meant to use Lhikan’s island as their base. Since this wasn’t the winning story, I don’t think information counts as canon.