Toa Helryx (BIONICLE Canon Contest #1: The First entry)

Hello everyone.
I’m quite excited to show you my latest MOC: the Toa Helryx.

I was trying to make toa which does not look like a typical G1 toa. As we know, Takanuva did have some troubles with recognize Helryx as a toa, so I’ve decited to make her with as minimum number of G1 armour pieces as it is only plausible with parts I have.
Here’s the front, back and side:

As a build it is quite durable.
For mask I did use preexisted one, the only non-G1 blue mask I did have, maybe it’s not the best look but, I’ve added some minor details to it to make it look more ‘finished’.
The way she has been built makes her rather poseable, easy to get into dynamic poses:

Static poses are also preety good :wink:

As we all know she did use shield and mace. I do not like thick shields made out of few layers of bricks so I’ve decited to use Lhikan’s board with few ornaments (which also make the shield look more ‘complete’ in way of being shield). For the mace I did use chima style feathers, 6 of them makes very Sauron-like mace with spikes and sharp edges.

The scale she has been built is inika-like. Here is some comparison:

And some photo with her ‘idol’ (the big one would make her look so, so tiny) ;):

The build is interesting to me. I did make some good use of technic pieces, G1 pieces, G2 pieces and HF pieces. As I mentioned in the very beggining, I did want her to look like not like a G1 toa at all, so any kind of nuva armour or inika build was forbiden to me. Here are some photos if you want to make your own model. As you can see: no panted pieces, no cutted pieces, no broken pieces, no 3D printed pieces, juts a pure, proper lego building expirience ;).

The model itself has been built with 277 pieces, including technic connector to connest 2 ‘sides’ of a mace while it’s not handled by Helryx.
Head: 10
Arms: 32
Legs: 94
Chest: 89
Mace: 29
Shield: 23


That’s a really nice shield design!

LOL I just can;t stop looking at this moc, has a certain visual charm, I love your incorporation of ccbs and technic

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