toa helryx (BIONICLE canon contest #1: the first)

here we have my entries for the bionicle G1 canon contest on my visual design for toa helryx toa of water and the first toa ever created




action pose



Looks nice! I like how you make it frail but with armor at the same time.

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While the build is a standard Inika one, I appreciate the introduction of white into the color palette.

I agree that the white is a nice addition. I only have one issue with this moc, that being the piraka legs as forearms seems a bit to long, and a bit too bulky.
other than that, I like it!

How do you enter this contest?

if only i knew that helryx was suppose to look frail and thin i would have given her a diffrent build too late to go back now

@bodi BIONICLE Canon Contest #1: The First