Toa Helryx (BIONICLE Canon Contest #1: The First)

Toa Helryx, the leader of the Order of Mata-Nui and the first Toa ever created. I did this one long ago because I want to create all the alive Bionicle characters in Spherus Magna, and one them was Helryx.


The pictures are upside down, can you please try to fix them, so we can see the MOC more clearly?

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I fix it! :slight_smile:

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That mace is very, very cool - I like that you went for a more “elemental” feel without making it, like, 100% trans blue or something. :wink:

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This is a fantastic MOC, but I don’t feel it represents Helryx all that well. But, if this ends up winning, I will still be quite pleased. All around, this is one of my favorite builds I’ve seen in a while, with great proportions and colors.


Hey, thank you for entering!

We will need one more breakdown photo of this creation. You did give three images, but two of them are essentially of the same stage in breakdown.

Thank you!

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Hi Eljay, I replaced the last picture for three new ones :slight_smile:

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I love the cohesiveness and the colour composition and the torso design and wait, everything!!!

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I like it! I think what would really help, though, is if you make the shoulders much narrower relative to the hips, and either shorten the torso or lengthen the thighs.