Toa Helryx (BIONICLE Canon Contest #1: The First)

So here is my entry for the contest: Toa Helryx!

I’ve tried to give her this gangly and skinny appearance (that doesn’t mean that the figure itself is fragile) not only to mach her description but also to make her resemble Toa Mata with their one stud wide limbs and rather mechanical looking torsos.

She also has a colour scheme that’s made in a Toa Mata-like way: mask, torso, feet, hands and weapons are the main colour and the limbs are the accent colour.

And now about the moc itself.

Half a year ago, when I was running low on pieces, I came up with an idea of having thornax parts as knees and elbows (cos I had a bunch of those lying around) and it turned out really well, though I didn’t know where to use it. But when I heard about Helryx being the first part of the contest, I knew that this design would work perfectly for her.

Another aspect of her design was strange armour. I think Takanuva wouldn’t recognise her chestplate as Karapar armour in mata blue from a 8190 power miners set (btw her mace is a drill piece from the same wave of sets).

The mask design by KhingK (you can download the files here Great Mask of Psychometry by KhingK - Thingiverse)

The figure is 21.4 cm tall (8.42 inches if you will)

Front view:

Side view:

Rear view:


The weapons are pretty self explanatory

I think that’s it for this moc.

Good luck to other participants:)

I’m sorry for the mistakes, you’ve probably found throughout the text, I’m not a native speaker)))


That’s quite the interesting upper limb design you got there (edit: if slightly unorthodox? idk). Kudos.


This is nice. I love how you used those thornax launcher pieces in her limbs.

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It’s an illegal connection indeed, but it doesn’t damage the pieces whatsoever)


The thornax launchers as actually joints is a nice touch to add to the skeletal look. Nice job.

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Wow the use of thornax launcher pieces for the limbs is awesome! :o <3

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Mask twins! I entered into the contest with KhingK’s mask as well. It’s the best imo, glad to see someone else agrees. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I also think this version of the great mask of psychometry fits her character and description best! That battle damage Is a nice touch:)


The use of the Thornax launchers for the limbs is really creative, I’ve never seen that before.

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I think the high-point is the McToran foot used for the abdominal area.

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Thank you all for the kind words! :star_struck:


Really cool use of those Thornax blaster pieces! This is a really cool and creative build

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Thanks! I’ve always wanted to find a good use for those seemingly useless pieces:)


This looks amazing! The use of the thornax launchers add texture, but also keep it simple.
Great job!

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