Toa Helryx | BIONICLE Canon Contest #1: The First

Hi, guys!

I have the honor to idtroduce you to my interpretation of Toa Helryx.

I’ve wanted to use Toa Metru build creating hers body but in the same time, make her look like a prototype Toa (cause she was the first). That’s why hers shoulders and feets are much more robotic than other’s Toa. Still, she looks femine and slender. About colors, I’ve choosen darker tons cause she isn’t the most innocent Toa we know :wink:
To make her look more ancient, I’ve added elegant hooks (making a callback to the first Toa we had in a set form) crowning hers shoulders.
On the back, you can see gear used to block gearbox mechanism in position you like.
Hers head is poseable by moving black Slizer foot on hers back.
Her arms are a bit wider cause as Toa of Water, she should be able to use them to swim faster.
I’ve wanted to use only classic LEGO Bionicle sets so I’ve excluded any CCBS parts.
My MOC doesn’t have shield cause I wasn’t able to make good looking one with my spare parts, but still is using iconic spiked Protodermis mace.
Cause mask is only a placeholder, I’ve added few shots with bare face.

Hope, some of you will like my creation :stuck_out_tongue:


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Good MOC!

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very reminiscent of a 2005 titan, the front is very well done and the predominant black on the back signifies that all the silver is not organically part of her but is emphasized armor, its a nice touch

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Good mask choice it’s different enough and yet still bionicle

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I find the shoulders off-putting, not because they’re far set, but because the appear to be placed to low on the body. Besides that, it’s a solid interpretation.

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