Toa Helryx | BIONICLE Canon Contest #1: The First

more images below text (break down and action pose pics at end)
Hi, first of all good luck to all entrants of the contest and thanks for viewing my entry.
uses some custom parts from Galvanized (i.e. unmutated kanohi shelek, as I felt this shape fits my moc more than the often used mask of psychometry) a huge thanks to Galvanized for the parts, I will always cherish them!

custom parts: link:

link to my file:
parts count: 732 main colours are dark blue and pearl gold with silver and additional gray shades and black, accent colours are light and dark trans blue, and trans magenta pink for heartlight and eyes. THE GOOD MAJORITY OF THE PARTS IN THE MOC IS AVAILABLE IN REAL LIFE IN THESE COLOURS.

This is my version of Helryx. She is represented in her prime here, fully armored without battle damage and chronological wear and tear. Didn’t quite turn out as I expected in some aspects, well anyway, about the moc: features custom built: head construction, hands, mace, shield, torso, arms, legs ( not built around an inika build like my toa of sonics was however), slightly taller than the Inika build. Whenever applicable with my mocs, I add my profile icon that I made in m.s. paint on a boat stud decal part as a signature branding the creation as mine, notice at the back of the lower legs.

articulation: Free almost 360 degrees horizontal head rotation, double jointed at shoulders for shoulder lateral and medial movement and similar range of motion to a human’s humeral rotator cuff, all fingers swivel at insertio to knuckles, almost 90 degrees r.o.m. at knees and greater than 90 degrees at elbow flexion, ankle has same r.o.m. along sagittal plane as an average human’s with slight internal and external rotation due to the armor, hips have once again an average human’s r.o.m. at hip’s hyper extension, and slightly less for hip flexion, unlike humans however: wrist rotation is independent of forearm rotation, for posing the mace and for lack of elbow rotation as is standard with most Bionicle mocs.

It was very fun and time consuming building her, the shaping of her mace was inspired by the vortex shape of whirlpools. Her feet have a slight high heel design. Note: There is a faulty collision error at the elbows as in real life the krekka socket pieces do accept the 2 lenght technic axles all the way in. enjoy

action pose ( she is very tedious to pose digitally due to all the clip attachments incorporated in her build)

breakdown photos:
toa herylx_10_12_33_Copy.png1_9
toa herylx_10_12_33_Copy.png1_10
toa herylx_10_12_33_Copy.png1_11


The colour spread is a tad messy. But really cool to see a titan sized Helryx!

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