Toa Helryx - by Toa_Heatwave (Entry for BIONICLE Canon Contest #1: The First)

Hey, all! Finally throwing my own hat into the ring for this first contest! I had previously made a Helryx MOC, which I shared on the boards, but I wasn’t entirely satisfied with it, and so I took the elements of its design that I liked and attempted to incorporate them into this new MOC, which I’m reasonably proud of.

Anyway, here she is!

For those of you who are ready to note that she doesn’t look all that frail, I concede that–though I will add that, oddly enough, the MOC itself is a bit wobbly…so maybe that counts? :thinking:

It seems that Gali’s G2 Mask has been a popular choice for Helryx, but even at the risk of being repetitive, I chose to use it because it was the mask I used for my previous Helryx MOC. I doubt that shape will be canonized, but I think my entry works well with pretty much any mask design…

Anyway, here she is again from the front, with her weapons stored:


Back (Weapons Stored):

Right Side:

Left Side:

Action Pose 1:

Action Pose 2:

Now for the breakdown!

Torso Breakdown (Front, Back, and Side):

Arms Breakdown (her left arm is in her shield-bearing configuration, but I’ve included the pin and armor pieces required to cover up the gap when her weapons are put away):

Legs Breakdown:

Lower Leg Breakdown:

Mace Breakdown (the piece connecting the G2 armor connector, the two black pins, and the blue pieces is one of the connector parts from 2008, which allowed the Toa Nuva to connect to their Av-Matoran):

Shield Breakdown (main piece facing forward and flipped to show the connecting pieces):

Thanks for your consideration, everyone! Good luck to all the other submissions!


The back looks a little bare, but overall I really like it.

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Good point about the back–there’s always one part you miss! :laughing:

i dig that shield.

Nice use of the bohrok arms for the shoulders

@kotu Thanks! It took a bit of thinking, and I’m still waffling between the choice to use the blue fins instead of silver, but I think the shaping came out well!

@Bodi Thank you! I do like the way the Bohrok arms look as shoulders–they flow very naturally. And they also allow a bit more movement and poseability for the arms.