Toa Helryx (cannon contest #1) The First Wave

So, the first toa, the prototype made by the great beings.
Not as heroic looking as one might expect huh?

when starting this I knew I wanted to do something a little different with the aesthetic of her armor, as it doesn’t look like what takanuva would of seen before. meaning it wouldn’t be like a metru or a nuva body, maybe even unlike an inika build.
so I tried building her with a more Glatorian aesthetic, the idea being that she was a prototype, likely based on the look a decorated warrior from the core war, and tested against other prototypes.

Who knows how many others like her could of gone through the gauntlet and were discarded. but that is just my own personal head-cannon.

I armed her with a long handled mace and saw-blade shield to add to the war ready look, can even slot the shield onto her hip joint to holster it! does interfere with hip articulation though.

I am quite fond of her lanky, sharp look and the spooky intimidating aura of her spring green mask. I know that the mask is a place holder but this shape works well for the old, wise but harsh and no-nonsense personality of the ancient toa; though I wish I had spring green spikes to use instead of the lime green ones and she is pretty basic as far as toa builds go.

Still, this is my own hat thrown into the ring, I may be up against many larger and more complex mocs, but like Helryx I just might come out on top.

Edit: Didnt have the requisite front, back and side photos, added them here


Thank you for entering!

Unfortunately, we can not accept this entry, as it does not include any of the required three breakdown photos. If those are added within the next three days, we will be able to accept it.

Thank you!


The spring green is a very nice touch.

thankyou, I figured that we needed some other, weirder schemes for water toa than just monochromatic blue and grey, and the spring green helps make her look scary and worn down without looking fully evil IMO.

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