Toa Helryx (Canon Contest #1: The First) By GoodGuy2006

Hello TTV Message Boards! This is my entree for the Toa Helryx contest. Just so you know, this is my first post. But back to the MOC! With this build I tried to go for a Inika look mixed with a little bit of Mata (Hands, Feet, Gear, etc.) thrown in there. I didn’t do this for any specific reason, just thought it looked good. On the topic of Helryx being frail, let me wager this; My Helryx would be frail, if not for her armor (the silver parts). Hope you like it!



Maybe it’s just me but the photos aren’t showing up :confused:

Did I get it fixed?

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Yes! The shield design is cool

Thanks! I’m glad you like it! Something about it, if you didn’t notice, is that there’s a Gahlok-Kal shield, because, y’know, water. I thought it was a neat idea.

Thank you for entering!

We will ask for one more breakdown photo. You have the same stage, just front and back.

Thank you!

Is it possible that you could wait a few days for it? Currently I’m off on vacation. If you can, I promise you I’ll get it here on Saturday.

Unfortunately, we will not be waiting that long. The entry period has closed and we’re open to a 30 minute extension.

That being said, let me talk to Meso. We’re not totally happy with the rule, so we may be down to make an exception. I’ll let you know shortly.

Thanks. I know it sound irresponsible (which it is), but I just kept forgetting to post it. I’ve had Helryx built since you announced the contest was live. But, thank you for considering to make an exception on my behalf. I really appreciate it.

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Update: Spoke with Meso, we’re making an exception.

Best of luck!


Thanks, I really appreciate it.