Toa Helryx, Canon Contest #1: The First

I’m new here on the boards and it took me a while to figure this out. But here we go!

This is my version of Toa Helryx

I’d been through a couple different iterations of Helryx before this contest came, and I decided I needed something new for it. Helryx is described as “frail” and with armor Takanuva didn’t recognize, so I decided to use the blue Knights Kingdom armor. I opted not to use silver armor on her because I’ve always thought that was more of a Toa Nuva/Hagah thing.

Helryx is also mentioned as having something close to a Toa Mata build, so I wanted to replicate that, but not use a block Mata torso, so I made my own. I think the lower half really matches the lower half of a Mata torso, with the pistons on the side and the gears in the middle. She can actually move her torso side to side, which is pretty cool.

She’s not so much frail as she is thin, but underneath her armor she’s much more ‘frail’ if you will.

Here’s a side shot + size comparison

And finally a picture of Helryx with her boys Brutaka and Axxon

Link for more pictures

Thanks for checking out my MOC! Make sure to check out everybody else and good luck to all you other MOCists!


This looks great! I love the proportions and the color blocking is great!

Best of luck!

Never really been a fan of custom hands, but as a build this is just robust.

I like how the build is reminiscent of the Toa mata.

Thanks guys! I get what you mean about custom hands, they don’t always look good, especially on smaller builds. But I like the extra posability you can get with them, and I think they can add a lot of character in the different ways you can pose a figure.

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Ooohhh, this is definitely one of my favourites! I love the mace design, and honestly with a vehicle this feels like it could be an actual Titan set!

There seems to be some discrepancy between the photos. In all but the last, the Knight’s Kingdom armour (which you referred to as blue rather than silver) is silver. Not sure what’s going on there.

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The knights kingdom armour is a very bright sand blue that looks silver. I think it’s actually blue in all the pictures.

Mm. The lighting certainly isn’t the best for it.

I love this design. The torso build, the knights kingdom armour, the mace. It’s probably the most balanced Helryx I’ve seen so far too.
The lighting in your pics could be better but the build really works. Great job!

Yeah sorry the lighting isn’t the greatest.