Toa Helryx || Canon Contest #1: The First

Here is my interpretation of Toa Helyrx, the first of the Toa and founder of the Order of Mata Nui. It was important to me that she felt powerful. This is also my first MOC that I’m posting to the boards.

Placed next to a ruler for size/scale
She measures in at about 10 inches tall

And now for breakdowns

It may be difficult to see, but the Rahkshi head is connected to the Mata foot via a standard ball joint, mine just happened to be quite loose, they would slide about halfway off, which ruined the look I was going for. The rubberband is unnecessary for better kept Rahkshi heads.

I wish everyone the best of luck on this contest!


Innovative designs!


This one’s pretty great. I like that mace design a ton

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