Toa Helryx (Canon Contest #1: The First)

Here’s my version of Helryx. Finally finished on the last day of the contest. Tried to pull influence from all eras of Bionicle: a bit of Technic, some Inika build elements, and Constraction. Had a lot of fun with this one, already thinking about the next characters. Learned about the contest through the Bionicle subreddit and signed up for TTV just for it. Seems like a great Bionicle discussion place, looking forward to joining the community. The model scales well with your average Inika build.

Thanks, Baron


The back is a tad awkward, but I love the Roboriders parts in the torso. Also, props for filling in the gap in that mace piece, most people leave it empty, which is kind of irksome.

I really love that you used a lot of older pieces, the Technic look really hits me with a lot of nostalgia.