Toa Helryx (Canon contest the first)

Here’s my entry. Phew. I had this done for a week and waited till the last minute to submit-not worth the stress!
I decided to not make her skinny as the armour she wears bulks her out and is there to protect her, also I think she could be frail in the sense that she uses her mace as crutch at times or hobbles a bit, maybe. I decided to go with Greek inspired greaves for leg armour but I only had one silver piece so please ignore the mismatch-the tan is not intended. With the colour scheme I tried to show how the Silver is on top of the blue original surface. I decided to make the mace and shield dark to contrast a tad, but honestly there have been better shields/maces and I would probably let those be canon-then again maybe Helryx goes through a lot of equipment!
I hope you like my build, I am so happy to be able to participate in an event like this!!! Enjoy :smiley:

(Above: various angles)
These next two are bad quality because I’m a hurry lol:

I hope the following disassembly photos make sense :frowning: the thigh in particular is difficult to show how it works, I’ll add a better photo tomorrow if that’s allowed.


Does it have waist articulation? I like the colour blocking on the chest with the silver.

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This balances G1 (& Knight’s Kingdom) parts with CCBS very well! The shield is also very solid; simple, but effective.

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Interesting design, feels very Dark Souls esque

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Thanks, I wanted to use parts not used in G1 Toa sets to show unfamiliar armour, yeh I tried to make a shield that looks like it can actually block attacks.

@Eilrach Yes indeed, I forgot to mention that.

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