Toa Helryx of Water BIONICLE Canon Contest #1: The First

Look, I’m confident I won’t win, I’m not the best MOC-ist and I don’t have the most parts to move with, but I want to encourage participation in a community event this important so I hope you like my interpretation of Helryx based on whate I had available.


Thank you for entering!

Unfortunately, we can not accept this entry yet. It does not include the required side or back photos, or any of the required three breakdown photos. If you can include those before the entry period ends, we can accept it.

Thank you!

@Eljay are these what I needed? I really would liked to be entered even if I don’t think I can win

These need to be added to your first post, and we still need 1 more breakdown image and a back shot.

@Eljay I did my best to include all images in the original post, I hope they meet expectations, I know it’s last minute and I supremely apologize

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As I’ve said on a few other entries, certainly unorthodox, but nonetheless adheres to canon.