Toa Helryx "The First" Bionicle Canon Contest Entry

First time using the messgage board… hopefully I get it right.

This is my take on Helryx for the contest:

My hope was to make her build frail and spindly without looking like she could be blown over by a gust of wind.

Though her build is unique, I added a couple of visual parallels to the Toa Mata build, giving her a recognisably Toa-like appearance. I felt that Mata blue was a must over the darker blue of the later years so that her appearance felt more (nostalgically speaking) early Bionicle. Additionally I wanted to convey her power through the build somehow, so I gave her large, bulky weapons in contrast to the more modest toolsets of other early Toa.

Though her appearance aesthetically is closer to the Toa Mata than any other, the moc stands a little taller, more in line with the Toa Metru build or some of the shorter Inika build… not that the height difference exists necessarily in canon, but I do like the differentiation in set form.

Moc Breakdowns:


the arms are a bit clunky on this but I adore that torso build.


Honestly, this is probably one of my favorites so far, you really nailed the frail mata look with that torso


Don’t see those springs used very often.


Nice work making it look like the Mata build! I like it a lot


I realyy like this one.

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