Toa Helryx (The First Canon Contest Entry)

This is my entry to the canon contest for toa Helryx.

About the MOC:

-She has 14 points of articulation, not including the fingers or the 3 pieces of the skirt.
-Her weapons can be stored in his back.
-The skirt can be easily removed without impacting to much in the look of the MOC.

About the armor, this MOC is really old, when I didn´t knew much about bionicle history. I imagined Helryx as a powerful warrior that was able to survive a lot of battles, so I build her with quite a bit of armor. When I started reading more about the story I realized she was acttualy described as thin and frail. I considered just making here mostly technic to accomplish his description, but I also thought that if she was too frail, it wouldn´t make much sense that she survived for so much time, even if she blocked an attack with her shield, I imagined that her arms would break if she was way to frail. Considering that, I modiefied her making his inner structure kind of frail, while she still wears armor to protect herself.

Regarding the “mask”, this was the only free mask/helmet that I had back when I first build her, I think it fits the MOC kind of well, so I lef it there. If I had access to a 3D printer, I probably would have change it to a more proper mask, because she can be easily modified to fit a metru head.

Last picture, with the complete Order of Mata Nui (Including Jerbraz)

Full album with breadown photos, side, back and how to remove with skirt with no extra pieces:

Thanks for reading!!


Because Tarix’s helmet wasn’t technically a mask, you can get away with using a preexisting piece, smart move. I love the proportions of this moc… well done and best of luck!


This is so good. My favorite touch would have to be the skirt armor, but everything here is excellent and refined. My only qualm is that is doesn’t seem extremely ‘frail’, but I could easily see this as Helryx in her prime.

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@optimus_priminski Thanks!! Really appreciate it!

@darkbrick999 Thanks! And yes, I guess this would be more like her prime. I thought it would be cool to also have her depicted at the time she met Takanuva, so I’ve made another version using the same basic frame but changing things like more narrow shoulders, removing the fins and replacing some armor for less chunky alternatives. Unfortunately I don’t know if I can submit both of her versions at the same time.

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Nice work! Seeing her posed alongside other Order members really helped the idea of her being Helryx solidify for me. I especially like the forearm designs.

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In my opinion this is the best entry yet:
-matches description
-isn’t overdetailed/overbuffed
-uses bionicle system
-has creative use of pieces
Good luck!

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This is super good. I really like the shield and weapons. The custom torso al came out great.

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Thank you all! I really appreciate your comments!!

I really like the classic old school feel of this moc.

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Thanks! I really tried to limit myself on only using g1 pieces and technic, as I think they fit more the concept of “First toa”.