Toa Hewkii Mahri redesign

From all the Toa Mahri Hekwii has always been my favorite. I guess he also was the first one I got from that wave. However I decided to create “my own version” of him.
So, here it is.

I put these dark green Bohrok eyes at the end of his spear because I think the colour just goes very well with a Toa of stone.

Tell me what you think. I am open for every kind of advice and opinion. ^^


Hewkii was also my first toa mahri.

I really like it, but for some reason using Axon’s mask as shoulder armor kind bugs me.


I like to hear that you like it. ^^

Do you know why it bugs you ?

I guess it’s because it kind of looks like he has two other faces on his shoulders.

Yeah, it looks a little bit awkward if you look straight down on him. xD

I do like what you were trying to do with the masks. It’s just the faces…

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I see what you were trying to do with the masks on the shoulders, but they don’t really work their way into the color scheme all that well. The structure is great, and the color scheme of black and keetorange is spot on, but the silver looks out of place (and I’m not counting the breathing tubes as silver; they’re too small and don’t really offer much to the color scheme). Overall, though, very nice!


Thank you.

I tried different pieces for shoulder armor but the Axonn masks fit the best with this upper arm design… at least of all the pieces I have at my disposal.

I think he looks very nice, but as almost everyone else has stated, the Rodes don’t look good on the shoulders.
I would also like to point out

Hewkii is a Toa of Stone.

I’m sorry, my bad. Of course he is a Toa of stone. facepalm Thank you for pointing that out.

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the shoulders are a little odd, but other than that I think he looks pretty good

Same though.


I like his looks, but like others have said the shoulder armor is odd. I think it would look good if they faced up, with the spike acting almost like pseudo-arm spikes like the original set.

The body looks pretty good, and the legs as well. I also love his better mask look!

All in all good, but the shoulders need some rearranging.

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Hewkii is currently the only Toa Mahri set I own (regrettably), and while I like him a lot I do agree there’s a lot of wasted potential there. You have solved that by making a MOC that takes basically everything good about the set and throws out just about everything that wasn’t… Okay, I’m a little puzzled by the use of Rodes for shoulder pads, and perhaps sprinkling a little more silver on the legs and lower body wouldn’t hurt, but other than that this is great. It manages to maintain the ‘tough and brutal warrior’ aesthetic while providing a build with a lot more depth to it than the original set’s lackluster torso and arm designs. Well done!

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The arms are a bit too far apart, but the rest of it is really good!

Nice MOC. This looks much better than the set.

I like it, but the arms seem really far apart :confused: . 9/10

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Thanks to all of you, I will see what I can do about the shoulder armor and width. ^^


I followed your advise, guys… and that is what I came up with. What do you think ?

I must say… I think it look way better now than before. You guys were absolutely right about the Rodes.

I also replaced his breathing tubes with black ones and changed the way they run.


Much better. I love the shoulder plates.

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