Toa Hewkii Mctoran Style


I would remove those system pieces on the lower body, since they look kinda out of place. But I like it in rest.


Agreed with LegoDavid, the system pieces look really awkward and ridgy on this otherwise really smooth and concise build.

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I agree with the above. The system parts do look a little wonky. I’ve looked at the others and I know what you were trying to do, make bendable waists, which only really look good with system. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a simple multi use bendable waist that looks good for anything but an industrial robot yet. What you could have done is use the cross hole in the ball joint brick to attack some standard bionicle pieces (like a Bohrok shield maybe).

Other than that though, It looks good! If you can, you should make Macku next (and most of you know where I’m going with this).

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This looks fantastic. I’m loving these Mctoran Toa designs.

A bit too smooth, but it works