Toa Hordika Knight

Before we begin, I should give a brief rundown on Toa Hordika in my lore. When bitten by a Visorak, a Toa would turn into the half-beasts we see in 2005. However, when the specific mutagen strain is isolated and injected into a Toa, the mutation is much more refined and the affected individual retains their normal mind. However, they do end up losing their elemental abilities due to the mutation. To make up for that, most Toa Hordika have trained extensively in a certain kind of combat or weapon. Currently, there are very few “proper” Toa Hordika in existence. Most of them are a part of a single Toa team working for the Order of Mata Nui. That is the case for the main character of this story, an insectoid Hordika codenamed Knight.

Alright, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get into the story.

Knight ducked just in time as a Thornax hurtled towards her head. The volatile fruit splattered into the building behind her with a violent explosion. She barely had time to think before she had to roll to the side to avoid another.

Guns. She hated guns.

The Glatorian guarding the door in front of her reloaded and fired again. Knight leapt into the air and brought one blade down onto his weapon, slicing it in two. He drew back his fist and was about to throw a punch when the flat side of her buster sword smacked his head. He fell to the ground, unconscious.

Satisfied, Knight pushed the door open, and was met with a hail of gunfire. A few bullets struck their marks before she could step aside. She grunted in annoyance at the new holes in her armor.

The bullets stopped a few seconds later. Steeling herself, Knight charged through the doorway, spinning her blades rapidly to deflect the incoming volley. There were three Agori in front of her, each holding semiautomatic Thornax powder guns. Knight plowed through the group, the spinning swords making quick work of them.

After the threat had been taken care of, Knight looked around. There were a number of empty shelves, crates, and broken-down machines all around the room, but nothing useful. The entire mission was a waste of time, then.

Something creaked above her. Knight’s head snapped up, allowing her to glimpse a flash of red before something heavy dropped on her, pinning her to the ground.


Knight’s vision was fuzzy, but she could make out a muscular red figure on top of her. She had read enough POI files to know it was Lurker, one of the few remaining Dark Hunters at large.

“What do you want, Hordika?” Lurker growled, grabbing one of Knight’s swords out of her hand and holding it against her throat.

“You,” she replied, glowering at him.

The Dark Hunter laughed. “Well, you’ve found me. It’s just too bad that it’s the last thing you’ll do.”

Lurker drew back the weapon, preparing to shove it into the Toa’s chest. Suddenly, he felt a blast of heat next to him, and a bright red laser cut through his hand. He recoiled, letting go of Knight and screaming.

“You- you cut my hand off!” He growled, clutching the red-hot stump.

Knight smirked and got back to her feet, glancing at the plasma sword in her lower left hand. She wasn’t sure how good it would be, but now, she was convinced. She’d need to thank Suul for it as soon as she could. “Da. And it will not be last thing I cut off if you do not come quietly.”

Lurker’s face contorted with rage. Roaring, he charged forward. Knight sidestepped and slashed his back with the plasma sword as he ran past, leaving a dark scorch mark on his armor. He grunted in pain and whirled around, only for Knight to carve a similar mark across his chest. He lunged for the insect, but she ducked and rolled away. As she sprang back to her feet, she grabbed her buster sword off the ground. She swung the massive blade, cleaving halfway through Lurker’s thigh. He yelped and fell to his knees.

“Give up?” Knight taunted.

Lurker was about to retort when the flat of the blade slammed into his face, knocking him out cold.

Chuckling, Knight stood over Lurker’s unconscious body. “I’ll take that as yes.”


This is my entry into Cordax’s Cool Contest, in case it wasn’t clear from the short story. I’m not actually 100% sure how to officially enter, so if there’s something I need to do other than just post the story and mention that it’s an entry, please let me know.


This moc is fantastic! I love the insectoid look it has

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four armed mocs are always something I can appreciate.


I think you’re supposed to put a link to this topic in the contest topic.

Nice moc, and the story is pretty good too. Good to see that others are interested in this contest too, may the best mocer/ story teller win, and good luck!


Ah, alright, that makes sense. And thanks!

Great build! I love the inverted legs! Although I think that the top CCBS shell should be on the top instead of under. And the weapons are really cool! is that a certain counts lightsaber I see?


Although I think that the top CCBS shell should be on the top instead of under.

The reason I did that is that many bugs only have armor on their backs, while their underbellies are more vulnerable. The same goes for Knight.

is that a certain counts lightsaber I see?

It was certainly inspired :wink:


Looks great. I like how insectoid it looks while being somewhat humanoid. The story is pretty good too.

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Really like the insect look


Very insectoid and cool.