Toa Hunter

Toa Hunter, after the toa destroyer was destroyed by the mata, the apprentice of the matoran scientist recovered the body and rebuilt him. he lost his energy caster and large battery for a bone sword. This version of the toa destroyer wares the visage of a toa to be more intimadating and confusing. the mask he wears has no powers though. this new hunter has greater armor and strength along with a more advanced thinking process. at this time (in my mini story arc) the toa hunter ambushes toa when they are alone and escapes before they are able to destroy him. and at night he will kidnap matoran for no specific reason the toa can tell.

(give me criticism in the comments i very much appreciate it)


Looks neat. I think the shoulders could stand to be broadened a bit. The color scheme looks quite consistent, though I’d recommend adding some more color to the left hand/claw. Overall I think it looks pretty good. Depending on how long you’ve been making MOCs, I’d say the best way to improve is to keep making them, and to look at other builders’ work for inspiration.

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if you want to use the thick limbs you have to beef up the other parts because he looks like he has popeye arms for arms and legs

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thank you very much. and yes this is only my 4th moc.

Thank you for the criticisms. but its intended to look strange and out of proportions.

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Its torso looks very unfinished. Perhaps add some armour pieces into it

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Add more armour to the torso to make it look more finished.