Toa Ignika Nuva

Not sure if this is what I do to post my moc here but I’m sure people will correct me in time. This moc is a what if Toa Ignika Moc. What if when Makuta took over the Mata-Nui robot, the Kanohi Ignika landed on Bara Magna and instead created Toa Ignika Nuva who was controlled by the Sentient Kanohi Ignika and the Spirit of Mata-Nui as a dual mind controlling one Toa Nuva of Life.


That’s a cool concept. Though the moc is simplistic, but nice.

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I actually really like this Moc. It’s quite simple, but not in a bad way. The armour really blends well other than the awkward looking gunmetal on the torso.Although I’m not sure if it comes in silver, does it come in grey?


Actually the torso piece IS silver the lighting and the fact that it’s one of those darker silver pieces just makes it look Gun Metal

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The images might be sideways because the resolution is too high. Try lowering the resolution and reuploading.
Anyways, it’s nice and simple.

A nice simple build, I like it.