Toa Inhaza, karzahni's guard

this is why I don't make many custom torsos,

he has severe parts leprosy, blame karzahni.

and also...

he's a headmaster(something that was surprisingly unintentional)


so, what do you think?


Neat! I'm not entirely sure what aesthetic you were going for so I'm gonna abstain from critiquing it at the moment. smiley

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I notice some similarities to your Political_Slime MOC... wink

But yeah, this ain't too shabby. I actually think the legs are inventive and work pretty well! The arms fairly cool too.


I was going for karzahni repaired toa, based on the '06 matoran designs.


I'm probably going to leave him as a bust, for a while, I really like the way it looks.

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Toa Inhaza, Master of Leprosy xDDD
But I actually do like it.
And also, you're not the only one, that can't really make custom torsos. cough cough Sidorak cough cough


Pretty cool! Innovative parts usage at the very least.

What the.....

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...His falling apart reminds me of Bionicle heroes...



Now you must make a body for that head stuck_out_tongue

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someone already did, smile

it actually looks about the right size too.