Toa Inika Kongu Revamp

Seekers of the Mask.
Toa Kongu, toa of air with telepathic powers.

I built Kongu bigger and stronger looking. When building i focused on the silver armor placement he has in the official set. plus i liked his weapon a lot, so i made it bigger and as accurate as possible compared with the one from the set, which turned out great if i say so myself.

This was fun to work on! i hope you like it as well.


Dat be one chunky boi

The greatsword looks … y’know … great.

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0/10 not enough guns

Just kidding, this MOC is awesome! The sword looks so alike the original I’m astounded. Love the use of the lightsaber blade.

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I love how that sword looks… though I kind of wish it looked more like a crossbow, since, that’s what it was supposedly meant to be in the original set :stuck_out_tongue:


The sword is surprisingly accurate to the original piece! Great Job!

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Not a huge fan of the lower legs, the technic liftarms are too exposed for my taste. Besides that, it’s rather solid looking. Great job overall, Ron.

Oh, I should mention the sword. It has to be my favorite part of the MOC. Can’t believe how accurate it is to the original one.


@TheMightyObsidianDude I was really considering making a crossbow and tried to make it in a way it could transform, like you could fold it out or someway. But I couldn’t be bothered cus I already had this result, so I went with this.

@Toa_Radrix lower legs are indeed the ugliest legs I maybe made for a big moc. It really came down to the parts i had left in dark green. Almost all of my dark green parts are in this moc. If I could, I would build them differently, for sure!


He’s thicc now! But how is the friction in his arms, he looks fairly heavy and I’m not sure if his limbs can hold themselves.

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Limbs CAN hold themselves.
When holding the weapon tho, it bearly holds on sadly, so you are not wrong with questioning that :sweat_smile:

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I can’t help but imagine what the piraka would think if all the inika looked like this.


The upper arms are outrageously tiny, and it makes Kongu’s arms look like they belong on an orangutan. The tall, bulky torso makes the arms feel further down than they should be, and the small head seems incredibly out of place.

This figure is best when standing a-posed. Any sort of action pose throws off the look of the figure. Bending the knee at all reveals how clunky the knee is, although I am honestly impressed it can bend to any degree. It’s incredibly stiff.

One thing I will say though, I love the colour blocking. Not adding any silver at Kongu’s feet helps the already present dual-molding, and using the chest piece on the back helps the visual presentation that much more. Also, the weapon is a brilliant upscaling of the original, so very well done there.

I would scrap the arms and start over. The head might not appear so small if the shoulder muscles weren’t as tapered as they are, but higher shoulders will probably help that. And while they are very nice, hands with a slightly smaller design might help as well.

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This. Is. Awesome.

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This looks incredible and the sword is fantastic!

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