Toa Inika Minifig Heads

First of all, I'm gonna thank @Ragdoll for his representation of the Toa Mata in brick system form. Also, @Bionicdeadpool here is it.

I'm gonna say I'm satisfied with at least 3 of them(Kongu's, Jaller's and Hahli's mask).
I didn't like the fact that 2006 included some sorts of plain boring "mask holders" instead of a new real head. I know that in the story, it has to do with the special power of the mask of life or so, but for now I'll keep that away from my artwork. So here are my representations of my masks, hope you like them. PS: They are not 100% accurate representations of the 2006 masks, but the global concept is still included.







I won't make the bodies, too much time demanding, and I think that they are the most boring part of the minifigs. Let's hope that it reaches Trending, or whatever it is called.


These look really good. Nice work.

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These are awesome. Nuparu's is my favorite.


These look cool. Hahli looks way better.

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Fascinating. The Elda is only ugly instead of hideous :stuck_out_tongue:

those eyes, look kinda dumb

These look great! Good interpretations!

I'd buy the heck out of minifig Inika. Well done, sir!


hali needs more of a mustache

Ehhh, no. I did everything to forget this horror. Why u do dis

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These are all very nice designs for a minifig scale. I'm not too big a fan of the Inika masks, but the way certain details were arranged makes them more tolerable. Something about the Kanohi Kadin looks a little odd here, but that may one again just be my dislike of the masks design in general.

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Well done, my good sir

You should try the Metru next.

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Was actually my initial plan

I like these however the eyes look weird on some of them.

Nice! These look really good! Though one thing, shouldn't they be like completely transparent green or glow in the dark green? Just a thought.

I mentioned before in my introduction why I gave them usual heads. Story wise, it's wrong, naturally, but G3 doesn't need to follow exactly G1.

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Those masks are very nicely done, although I absolutely hate the head template underneath it. Hopefully we'll see the Piraka to match? :wink:

Perhaps, if I have time

Lol, I should read everything before I comment :joy: