Toa Jaller Vector Painting

Took more time than expected, so here it is. Using superposition with Paint.NET, I completely reworked my Jaller MOC’s initial image. I mainly used line and bucket tool for this.

I’m rather happy of the result. Maybe Hahli will be the next?


Looks very cool.
But not.
Since he’s a Toa of Fire.

But he’s also underwater. Has science gone too far?

Anyways, neat drawing. I like that it’s a vector image so it won’t piexelate =P

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Touché[quote=“Maethorneth, post:3, topic:28039”]
But he’s also underwater. Has science gone too far?
The most powerful Toa of Fire underwater.

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Very impressive! :slight_smile: I really like the perspective. Have you ever tried shading with vector images?

Tried with Paint.NET, but I was pretty disappointed. So I worked with the cloud tool.

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This is cool! I really like this since Jaller Mahri was one of my first Bionicles. Something I may do is get rid of the dark splotches as it kind of looks like bad Deviantart blood (no offence).

Deviantart blood. I need to investigate!

Next time, I will make it even lighter so that you can’t see so much black.

This is the best example I could find:

As you can see, the “Blood” is faded and unrealistic, unlike real blood which splatters. I called it “bad Deviantart blood” because it is often used in bad edgy art or bad creepypasta art.


Most creepypastas are bad.

I will take note of this for Hahli

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Excellent job, I like the perspective and how imposing it makes Jaller look.

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this is really great, I love the perspective

Great drawing!


Jaller Mahri is one of my favourite sets (please see profile picture) and I approve this message :stuck_out_tongue:

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YOOO this is crazy!

It kinds looks like a cleaner less dirty version of the JTO style.

Obviously XD

The true power of the Fire Samurai clan

UPDATE: Reworked the dark spots to make less “Deviantart blood”. Thanks @decepticonaiden for your advice!

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Much better!

It’s way better now!

Can you please clarify what Paint.NET is. (I know I sound like a moron)