Toa Jedo

So recently I decided to play around with some pieces and I created this guy that I decided to name jedo.(Credit to callan LoF for the lower leg design)


He looks…AMAZING!

but the back looks a little bare.


gr8 m8. I r8 8/8!

Consistent color scheme of Black, Mata Red, and Silver. +10
Nuva Shoulder Armor used as Shoulder Armor. +20
Axxon axe heads. +20
Tahu 2015 Mask. +5

No manly blue nipples. -5 (jk, not included in count)
I see 6 Blue pins. -3 for each (-18)
Bare back. -10

Lower Legs seem beefy, but I don’t make Titan MOCs, so I wouldn’t know. +/- 0

Verdict: 27 points. That is excellent. You are among legendary MOCosts. (WARNING: Opinion not professional.)


Well armored, a great color scheme, cool weapons. Yep, he’s awesome!

feels like a fusion between tahu, Vakama and a guy with axes

G2 Lewa? :wink:


Looks like Space Marine.

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Nice, love how bulky he looks.

I like the axes. The adding of the Barraki weapons makes them even more unique!

Shoulders are very awkward, but the rest looks pretty sweet.

Looks pretty solid, and the color scheme remains pretty consistent. The axes are also a nice addition.


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I really like the Silver shoulders and think it would be cool if you used something like a couple Mahri tubes to gice him a silver collar that went from shoulder to shoulder similar to the Disk launcher on the back :slight_smile:

Give me some time and I will add that and maybe better arms, it depends if school has mercy on my soul :worried:


How exactly does a MOC pay for lunch?


So this is kickass.
And way better than whatever Callan’s made that you took the leg design from.

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I like it.

love thoses legs

…But theres a… rocket launcher on it…

if that is what it is then it is fine. but I saw it as gappy armor.

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