Toa Kaita Genders

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We know that Gali fusing with two of her brothers results in the male Wairuha, so if a Toa of Water and Toa of Psionics created a Kaita with a lone male Toa, would the resulting fusion be considered female?

Followup question: what gender Matoran Nui would be created from three male and three female Matoran?


Don’t forget Turaga Nui,


I’d imagine that in most circumstances, a Kaita or Nui would have male personalities due to the presense of mostly male hosts for the body (and the general majority of males in the MU). Of course if 3 Matoran/Toa/Turaga of each gender made up a Nui then I guess whoever forms the head and chest makes up what gender it is


Do we though?

BS01, Fusions:
“Although a fusion may be referred to as a having a gender, the being itself is gender-neutral.[citation needed]”


Thanks for the info mate!

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