Toa Kasai (self moc) Leader of the Toa Koreta

Epsilon Archive
Entry #: 0021
File written by: Alpha.

Subject: Toa Kasai
Team: Toa Koreta
Element: Fire
Mask: The mask of shielding
Weaponry: The rage blade, the flame buckler, the Blaze staff
Personality: Serious, kind, aggressive, loving, playful, determined, fearful
Abilities: Manipulation of fire, capable of forming a shield around himself and those making contact with him. Able to wear his golden mask, which sends him into a violent rage, increasing his lethality, speed, and strength

History: Unknown

Current history: Toa Kasai was discovered off the shore of the fire region on Okoto by a young villager, he was brought to a watch tower on the outskirts of the primary fire village. The guard at the tower got him situated and informed Narmoto, the protector of fire. Upon Toa Tahu’s return from saving Ekimu, Narmoto brought Tahu to Kasai, soon after Kasai’s abilities and status were realized. Kasai then began training under Toa Tahu, preparing for the looming evil.

Kasai with the flame buckler.

Kasai with the Blaze staff


Interesting way to use a Toa Mata canister lid.


A black, red and old gray colour scheme? Lovely! I really like how the armour on his legs meshes with the rahkshi parts making up his shins. Don't know why, it just works for me. Not so sure about the newer grey for the bone pieces in his legs though - you're probably better off with black to match the upper arms.


Neat build! I love the colors, the designs are good, and the weapons are cool. I do feel that some of the textures could work together a bit better, but that's just a nitpick. Keep it up!

Neat MOC, its simple but effective, especially those weapons.

This guy looks pretty cool.

I actually really like this! I would just give the shield another Hau or something, as it almost looks unfinished.

Funny thing, Kasai’s golden mask goes in the shield when he isn’t using it, I just forgot to add it.

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Oh! That actually sounds cool! :smiley:

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so do you not have any black ccbs hands?
because it's odd to see a G2 moc with stumps where their fingers should be.

also, I don't mind the build but there needs to be more silver than just the chest.

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I have plenty of ccbs fist pieces, I just prefer these on him. I have thought about switching and I might in the future, but that would require switching the hands of all his teammates.

The chest is there as a standard between most of the male members in his team, and covers so much of him, that I don't mind it being the only silver.

that just makes it stand out more.

At least give him shoulder pauldrons or something.

Again I may in the future, but I don't currently have the pieces for that.

NOCE :smirk:

I like this. The moc manages to look very good even if it isn't completely custom or complex. The use of a canister lid as shield and the fact that the golden mask stores there is very creative. The sword is basic, but the staff is very cool.
However I feel it needs some shoulder pauldrons as @Toa_Kasai suggested, but that's not a big issue.
Overall, very well done :thumbsup:

Well, I am a fan of this guy, though I feel like the canister lid is a really bulky shield and does not fit the color scheme.

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I got to admit this looks great.
Nice use of the canister cap.

This is pretty cool for how simple it is!