Toa Katarn

So, these guys are called the Toa Katarn. They're called that because in Star Wars, the Republic Commandos wore a different type of armor called Katarn armor, and each individual Toa is named after a Commando. So, here they are!

The team together, from left to right: A'den, Ordo, and Mereel. They are the last three of their Toa Team, who, along with Lesovik's team, wrote the Toa Code. Afterwards, three members of the team were killed.

Unity: Ordo is the team leader, trying to keep the other two together while hunting the killer of the other Toa.

Back view.

Duty: Mereel is obsessed with doing his duty, and is a very solitary and cold person. He constantly argues with A'den about their duty.

Obligatory back view...

Destiny: Quick to anger, but also very friendly, A'den is worried about his and his team's destiny after they've deserted the Toa Code.

And the final back view!

So, yeah. critiques and stuff. And yeah, I know, blue pins and red axles. I can't help the fact that I don't got a surplus of black axles n stuff. Sorry.


Not bad, interesting body design.

The arms have no articulation though.


Yeah, I designed them to be little guys, but I didn't have enough of the right pieces to make the arms articulate and proportional to the rest of the body. Thanks, though I probably won't change it because it looks cool to me. =D

I like Em stuck_out_tongue, + I like that Unique Body design!

They look pretty cool, and bulky. Only real problems with them are exposed pins and expoesd balljoints.

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I suggest changing Hau to some darker colour of mask >.>

I would, but it's the only mask that looks good on him. The Huna looks weird, and Tahu's Iron Man mask is just... Well...

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