Toa Katastrofa

“Katastrofa” is the word for a natural disaster in Russian. Therefore this Toa can wield the power of earthquakes, tornados, tsunamis, volcanos, etc. With such power at his disposal he prefers to go into battle alone against his enemies, lest he accidentally demolish his comrades.


I lurve it. Not a fan of those Skrall blades though, bet you could come up with way better custom weapons

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Thanks man. I chose those blades because I like to coordinate colors whenever possible. In this case, it was the lime green I was trying to match.

This looks great!

Interesting color scheme, don’t see it all to often on MOCs.

I love it. Green and purple look sick!

This is really good! The shape and colors work together really nicely here.
(not to contradict @Rockho, but I think the swords look good here :tongue: )

Very constructicon color scheme

I feel like the modified hordika feet mold is suited to the MOC, but limiting in ankle range

I’d recommend the gunmetal versions of the Stormer XL feet, personally.

quite an original color. I wish you could change the feet and maybe the color of the rahkshi lower legs. Otherwise he’s great! Though, the backstory could use work considering he doesn’t have a dull n dreadful colorscheme… then again a mix of elements…

Pfff is this Devastator haahhahahahahahahahahaa-

He looks really cool, although if I’m honest his weapons should be more of the destructive variety.

Ooh, purple and green! Nice color choices.

Ya know, the bulky things that normally don’t work out in Mocs really shines here.

I like the colours


It looks great. The green and the purple work nicely with each other

I also think I have an idea about what jangbricks might say about this moc: