Toa Kemzal MOC

Toa Kemzal is my self moc (obviously). He is a Toa of speed who modified himself to be stronger and more faster.
name: Kemzal
gender: male
element: speed
race: Toa
mask: Kakama
weapons: Minigun, sword with built in lazers, hidden guns (on both lower and upper arms)
Kemzal is native to the island of Cryobe and goes around the city of fire saving matoran from mechanical rahi. His arch nemesis is the dark archer known as Buskyte an ex Toa who now fights crime by killing his enemies and he has also killed three members of Kemzal team. They have crossed path many times often ending with Buskyte beating Kemzal. Kemzal is part of a Toa team currenlly with two other members Kishikara (Toa of digitalness) and Karhraman (Toa of air).

SELFIE!!! smiley


Looks cool. Probably better than I could make. Bbbbuuuutttt the orange and black is so over used...


Love the use of the black visor! What was that from?


Dat gun

dat gun

dat gun



The MOC itself is, to be honest, very nice. I like the color set, the armoring is overall very nice, and the combination of the black visor on the Phantoka Kakama is interesting. If I have anything full to say, it's that the legs could use some cleaning up, specifically removing the BIONICLE armoring in favor of smoother armor to fit the torso and arms, along with fixing the open pins and such. A good base build, regardless. You have my approval.



Nice and consistent.



Pretty snazzy. I've never been a fan of the tire-torso, though.


Why say what has already been said?

really cool moc guy


Oh my... Wow. That is really cool! I like all the gearing detail.

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For some reason I believe we've met before.

Prett good MOC. Adding the stuff to the feet is nice. Sorta wish the fingers were more in tune to his color scheme. Nice gun too.


...uhh, does that really count as an element? it seems even more redundant when he has a kakama as well, considering his weapons and colors, iron seems more likely to be his element.

you seem to give toa mask powers as elements, not saying you shouldn't, but it seems strange.

as for the actual moc

holy gadunka!

that is one impressive moc,
you have a good sense of complexity without being over designed,
you used the mata feet,
the proportions look good,
the colors are consistent and well dispersed,
it doesn't look like you used any cheats to hold things together,

and those weapons are awesome, great job, 10/10
the only thing I see that seems odd is that he doesn't appear to be able to see, though it could be said that it's like sunglasses so I won't complain about it.


I prefer to give my mocs one power either the mask or the elemental powers

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Great job I really like the orange and black colour scheme. And that gun is ridiculous but in a good way.

It's MOCs like these that make me simultaneously saddened in my own MOCing ability, as well as motivated to learn more techniques and become this good.

And I know I've seen you before somewhere... Do you do the YouTubes?

yes I'm on youtube my channel is called kemzal too

Kemzal is best grammar.

But seriously, this is a beautiful MOC.
I love the gears around the knees, it realy gives him an almost industrial look, which I enjoy.
- excellent color scheme and distribution
- great detailing with th gears and pisons on the legs
- you use my favorite piece, the skrall armor
- good armor coverage everywhere except the back of the lower legs
- Dat chaingun tho
- aforementioned back of legs
- I'm not a big fan of how the trans orange cheese slopes are used on the feet
- the sword is a little too big for him.

That's about it, and remember:
I only criticize to help improve

What he said :stuck_out_tongue:


That looks amazing

ooooo this looks so cool smile