Toa Killer

The Toa Killer is a Mukuta Robot, that has one purpose to kill Toa. They have a program that is capable of adapting to their target, and it also makes them harder to kill. They have a 'Brain' for lack of better term, housed in their chest.

This variation of the Toa Killer has a laser rifle as a Primary weapon, and two short swords as a secondary weapon. He carries the two swords on his supply backpack, that also houses a grappling hook. It also has a mask of
Filtration, which has the power of a gas mask, for the simple explanation.


Looks cool only the face looks it bit odd

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Yeah, I would like to work on that.

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Maybe try using a 07 Matoro's mask or Nuparu's mask so the tube can be attached

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I do like that idea, but I have one of each. both are being used on characters right now, I was kind of going for a gas mask look though, maybe Terix's mask would work If I added Metru blue into it.

That could work

If I had one......


So... Hydraxon but edgier and evil?

Interesting choice with the face, and the green in the chest.

Thanks, the green is basically a core, like the vex from destiny