Toa Kodlek

Kodlek is a agile like the air and he is a powerful warrior. He fought many battles,and won some of them, and some he lost, later killed by some Makuta

Thank you, CC appreciated


Looks good!
Colors work well, and the custom torso is well done.
Keep it up!

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Lower legs are to thin compared to the rest of the body

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I quite like him, actually. He isn’t the most technical of builds but he has a classic feel and lots of character. I might suggest switching up the legs; Gresh’s were never very good. Add a bit more to the shins and perhaps change out the beefy piraka thigh armour for something sleeker as the rest of his slim build would suggest.

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Nice MOC. would suggest replacing Ehlek’s head because sticks out by breaking the color scheme and In my opinion doesn’t really fit a Toa.

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With the colours, claws on the hands and feet, what looks like a tuft of fur or leaves on the chest and that mask, I gotta say he looks more like a Pokemon than a toa. Works though.



The hunched shoulders, odd chest, tiny torso, and giant limbs detract heavily from the Toa aspect of this fine gentleman and make him look more like a shambling monster straight out of a caesar salad. Kudos to whichever Makuta sealed the deal.

Work on rebuilding that torso to look more like a Toa, and then try refining the aesthetic of the limbs.