Toa Kylerak: Turaga Vakama revamp

Here is my revamp of turaga vakama. I never had him but did find pieces to make a revamp of him and bought his mask at bricks and minifigs in a bulk bin. Anyways enjoy!


He doesn’t look too elderly and infirm.

Cool concept, but personally he’s too blocky and bulky for me.

too blocky imo, although i get you were going for a robed look

Interesting. Thanks for your input, what would you suggest for a technique way to make it look less blocky?

Maybe try to move everything from the back of the MOC forward, because it’s mainly really blocky in the front. Of course, I see you’re using the Rahkshi body piece, so this could be difficult, but he’s to heavy from front to back.

Although, the use of the foot as a neck is a really neat idea.

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