Toa Kylerak's: Makuta Teridax Reborn and Toa Helryx moc

Here’s is my redo on Makuta which I think is way better and very stable as a build,

Isn’t he awesome?

And here’s my Helryx moc

My favorite part is is the way I used the 2015 armor for the piraka legs.

Let me know what you think.


That second image for Makuta… That’s one of my favorites you’ve taken, bro.

And yes, I have to agree about the stability. Unlike your other versions of Makuta, which had legs that couldn’t support such a bulky body, this one seems to be able to hold itself up quite nicely. Such a great change. :smile:

Helryx… Still wish you would have gone with a different mask. I do like what you did with the top of the mask, and thank GOODNESS you listened to me on how to make the mace for her. It turned out great, and I think the 2015 pieces really fit around the piraka calves very well. A nice addition. :smiley:
Really wish you added more transparent blue, though. It’s only in the arms, which makes me want more from it.

It’s a bit funny how the leaders of opposing sides get to share a MOC blog together… Helryx with the Order of Mata Nui, and Makuta with the Brotherhood of Makuta. Such a nice contrast.


whoa, these are both petty nice

the build itself of teridax is nice, the piraka feet hands look too big, but whatever.

however the change from gunmetal to silver and complete removal of red doesn’t sit well with me.
red is actually a really prominent color on teridax, and the removal of it makes this moc look more like an empty shell of his armor.

also, what is with people giving teridax shoulder spikes?
that’s part of takutanuva’s design,
teridax doesn’t have them.

I don’t have the original Makuta set, so I don’t have the gunmetal colors or much varients of mata red. I only wanted to make the pikes (even though I know it was on takutanuva) because I thought it looked cool :grin: . I used to use the metru red for the colors, but I just decided not to this time. But I also know that there are many sets that have this color scheme, like roodaka and hydraxon (both cool titian sets). But what do you think of my Helryx moc? Thanks for all your input.

Good job on both.