Toa Kylerak's: Pikachu

This is a moc based off of pikachu. This was difficult to make since the face is too cute and there aren’t to many cute bionicle pieces. So I did what I could do for now. One of the reasons I made this is because I wanted too, but I also think of the new creatures we got for 2016.

The ears also move to make cute poses.

That tail though.

The only thing it he is making is the cute electric sacks. Let me know what you think about him below and if you have any cool ideas I could add I would be very much appreciate the feedback.


this is adorable

Ill be honest at first i had no idea what i was looking at… even now the face looks, odd :confused:
The build is simple yet unique, nice moc but could use some brushing up :smile: ! Also the first thin i thought when i saw this picture was
Like what you see bois ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


It’s not the best representation of Pikachu, but out of bionicle pieces and it’s size it’s pretty darn good.

Is this one better?


Looks fairly accurate to what it’s supposed to be based off.


Nice! If you make those teeth on the top black, it’ll be even more accurate!
Nice job! :smiley:

-Chronicler; Cronk’s quest to be the Best

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Pretty neat bro. I like the second version a ton better.


I like the more rounded head the second design gives, and the tail seems more accurate there too. They’re both great though :smile:

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yeah I need to find some, but finding black pieces can be a real pain when their all conjubled.

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So this one is a Male

yup it is

The face looks like it is upside down. This is nightmare fuel.

Looks adorable to me.

I don’t see how it’s nightmare fuel. :confused:


It could use some more black

This looks pretty darn on key if you ask me. I thought the first one was good already, but this is a thousand times better. Also, it actually looks cute now, so that’s a big plus.


Thanks I think its cute too.