If you had super powers

That's great and all but whose your team? :unamused:

I have no idea...

Let's say:


All I want is super speed and and an electric charged katana.


This guy gets it! Super speed and energy ftw


Aww yeah! Mocpages dream team. I'm making that a thing now.

Anyways, My power would probably be telekinesis/mind powers. My outfit would probably be some simple, black and metallic blue body armor with a bunch of projectiles and crap attached for me to use.

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Ah. I knew I'd be chosen.

Hm... If anything I've already picked the perfect super suit. I drew it for a character of mine.

For powers I would have the ability to turn my skin into pure crystal and the energy would flow through me to get advanced human speed and strength.


Can I join this team?
You never know when you need someone to help you "chill out"

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@GIF.Man.Ben do you have enough ppl in your squad, if not, can I join?

Also, I think the most OP power would be shadow possession, which means that if you can make contact with a person, you leave a bit of your shadow embedded in their shadow, and if you somehow manage to get killed, the biggest part of your shadow you left with a host will resurrect you, also because you have your shadow with another individuals, you do not have a shadow. Also through your contact you can control others to do your bidding, but during the control you are vulnerable, and even a small cut can kill you.

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Coming from you

this is by far way funnier than it should be.


Oh boy

I see we're making it two for two now, Mr. Dreemurr.

Well played indeed.

Jokes aside, my "super power" as it were

is being a robot. A complete lack of any physical thing you'd find in a carbon based life form like humans

but completely and totally able to think like one, and understand their biological processes due to having once been one.

Also rocket powered fists. Because you can't just be a super fighting robot without rocket powered fists.

Also my arm can combine with a lance. And become a drill.

Additional specs include a power source that lasts 5 years at a time before needing a recharge normally, 1 year if exerting full power at all times.

I also have space for quadrillions of songs and amazing wi-fi.

As for a "sidekick"

I'm actually part of an awesome toku sentai with mah bois @Vuhii, @Takua, @PorkZDealer, @Vastor, and @DropletMagus


If you're a hero, then i'm your enemy but sort of in the guardians of the galaxy way, sorta bad but sorta good-ish. I picked you just because I didn't see your name one this topic yet :joy:, good power choice though.

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I just want to reset everything...

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Good team. XP

I would be a hero. With the powers of super strength, speed, and endurance. And my suit would be kinda like a white and green spiky iron man suit...but with more spikes, more guns, and a lot of flame throwers.

I would either want

-Technomancy cuz I'd be a god in this century
-Mind Control/Persuasion, cross between Professor X and Purple-man so I can do anything I want with little to no downside




mine's not similar to that at all! :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Chronicler, wanna join @Lord_Tuma and myself as we punch crime in the face?

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No amatarasu?

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aaay, he have the same power, truce?

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I forgot that one

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I should be more specific about how clean I can make things.

I can clean the skin off people.

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Um we only have room for one more guy. let's settle this joker style.

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