Toa_Kylerak's: Protector Kaita

I kept on seeing people making their own kaita’s for Bionicle 2015 so I made mine own. Tell me what you think.

From the PoF, PoS, & PoE

…Oh and Chronicler helped with a piece or two :wink:


looks like it’s made of fire, I’ll give you that. Really it sorta feels chaotic, but I guess it’s nice for a protector kaita. Feels chubby and has a weird long neck

Earth Villagers: This rock is too hard to bore through!

Protector Kaita: Don’t worry, for I wield a shoulder-mounted star drill!

proceeds to lean forward and starts drilling, but gets chunks of debris flying at his face.

Verdict: It looks like a mess 0/10. :expressionless:
I expect better from you, @ToaKylerak


It is a bit chaotic, but it also looks sort of decent. Not very note-worthy though. :confused:

Actually, I was the one who added the Star Drill. I wanted it to have all the Protector’s main weapons. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t blame him for all the weapons.


Been waiting for a good G2 Kaita. This is everything I hoped for.


I commend you, good sir! The last time I tried that… Well… This happened…

And I unintentionally made a fat one with PoF, PoS, and PoI, which I don’t have pictures of.