Toa Kyrak (Self MOC)

I was going to post Giga as my first MOC to show off here, but I decided to opt for my Self MOC instead.

Originally created as a side character, the original design of him grew on me and eventually caused him to become a much larger and more complex version of himself, spanning over 7 versions of himself with one key look held throughout.
His build is what I would call "intermediate", where he has some simple uses for parts, but posesses a few parts that aren't so easy to assemble by just looking at him. He measures in at about 12 inches, making him about as tall as 2008's Takanuva. Despite his size, he is very poseable and is able to pull off positions most titans his size couldn't accomplish without having pistons to hold him up. He can hold himself in fighting stances , both with and without his swords... but it's a bit easier to pull off poses with them off. Much of the parts on him are built to adjust and shift (such as the shoulder armor and the numerous joints on his upper torso), giving him as much poseability while maintaining the strength to hold out his swords at full length.

Bio: Toa Kyrak has lived many lives, through many continuities: some last for centuries while some come to a spiraling collapse... but more often than not his adventures begin as a matoran, taken from a life of peace and held prisoner. The pain endured there and a transformation by a corrupted Toa Stone resulted in the deaths of his captors and his escapeto an aboandoned island. In isolation he came to control the monster he had become, and was found and befriended by Toa Icardee. On that day, he swore to do make up for his wrongdoings, claiming the name of Toa Kyrak.

Just as an added note, posing him on only one foot isn't an easy task. He is better suited to have one foot planted on the ground and one foot leaning on the toes or heel.

This was an afterthought on Kyrak, mainly added to fill up a gap that was left in his chest cavity. This "Crystal Heart" and it's accopanying Technic arm above it act as a way of making Kyrak feel more complete while not being easily noticed in most angles.

Oh, and in case you're wondering what those pegs in the center of his back are for, that is an adapter for jetpacks and other objects Kyrak could carry on his back.

(I hope I did well with this post. I'm still farily new to forum posting.)


I'm gonna enter @Ekorak mode for a moment, so prepare. The MOC itself is decent, but it seems very cluttered, and it seems like he missed leg day. Possibly bulk up the limbs and give it more flow. You might also want to downscale it a tad.

How are those legs supporting it?!

Nah that isn't Ek mode

Ek mode is way worse


Yeah, I can't be very harsh. I'm too nice of a person. I also don't give number scores, so that's a thing!




He's got a avohkii


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Ayyyyeee. Kyrak in the house!

This is a very impressive MOC. My favorite parts are the weapons and the crystal heart in his chest. I particularly like the integration of CCBS and technic pieces. Really the only problem I have is with the arms. I don't like the armor pieces sticking out of his elbows.

I would also prefer if the Toa Whenua drill pieces on the shoulders were connected with one of those hand pieces that has a socket sticking out which would connect using a "blue pin" (same piece, probably different color) with the hole nearest to the drill base at a right angle, if that makes sense (sorry, don't have a pic right now...)

Also, I have a question: how exactly are his hands connected? do they have the same freedom of movement and range of motion as normal hands, or did you use traditional knee and elbow joints for the wrists as well? Just something I'm curious about.

All in all I'm very pleased by your MOC. Keep up the good work! I'd like to see more MOC's from you in the future!

I'm already rebuilding his limbs from scratch, so the issues with the arms and legs should be gone by the next build. (At least, I hope so. Seems everytime I update him there is always something wrong that haunts me till the next one.)

As for his hands, they are connected to a 2003 rahshi lower leg peice with a wheelbarrow tire to fill in the space between the wrist. It has about the same amount of articulation (wristwise) as the current hands used in CCBS sets.


something something spaghetti limbs...
but you're fixing that already, so good!
That's all really.

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Isn't he in that rega nui game?

That is actually the game I'm making, so yes.

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